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    Pottery Party at Jean Elton Studio!

    Occassionally, Jean Elton Studio will host private parties, as they did this past Saturday.  There were several families and a good time was had by all!

    One little girl, Natalie, wrote, “I had so much fun!  And I think your vases and other peices are beautiful!  And thank you for inviting me back!  I look forward to it!”

    Her sister, Julia, was equally enthusiastic, “Thank you so much for one of the best days of my summer!  I had so much fun and learned in the process!”

    Their dad was actually surprised by the fun!  He said, “I had thought I would watch and take photos but really got drawn in!  It was a ton of fun!”

    Another family wrote, “Thank you so much for the fabulous ‘Jean Elton’ extravaganza!… I enjoyed coming into contact with clay again, and Nancy is now impassioned as well!”

    A day at Jean Elton Studio is a day to be remembered and can be enjoyed by both young and old.  Keep checking back on this blog for any future events!

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