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    Out of the Kiln

    Yesterday we did a glaze firing in our gas kiln.  Unloading a glaze firing is always a highlight for me.  I love to see how the colors come out and to see all of our hard work pay off in a beautiful finished product.  This firing went up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit and takes a full 24 hours to reach that and then cool back down.  Because I am too impatient to allow it to cool all the way, we usually open it at 375 degrees.  This is OK to do and does not affect the glazes, but you do have to be careful when unloading at this temperature.  The pieces are very hot!   I wanted to share the experience with you, so below you will see a gallery of me unloading the kiln and the pieces as they come out.

    Make sure to check back next week when we give you a picture preview of the upcoming Christmas show!  You’ll see some familiar art work on display.

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