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    Corporate Gifts

    Around this time of year, the artists at Jean Elton Studio and Gallery are quite busy with a number of corporate gift orders.  You have seen the Making of the Mug, but in addition to pressing mugs, they have been pressing plates and building bowls.  It is not an easy process, especially considering the orders are anywhere from 50 to 150!  But at Jean Elton, they love those kind of orders!

    It usually starts around September, because in order to complete larger orders, they need plenty of time!  A busy professional will pick the piece that they want (mug, plate, etc.) and then pick an accompanying glaze.  For an extra special touch, they may purchase a stamp with the company’s logo to be stamped onto each piece.  Jean Elton will keep the stamp so that each year, the professional can purchase an additional piece to match their previous years’ gifts.

    Over the next several months, the pieces will be pressed or built (depending on the item), trimmed and cleaned up, fired in a bisque firing, glazed, and then fired again.  The items are then packed and ready to be shipped!

    Keep this in mind next year, as you wonder what to get for your employees, customers, or clients!  And don’t forget to order a stamp for that extra special touch.

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