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    Jean Elton through the Decades: Introduction

    Though this blog is relatively new, Jean Elton Studio and Gallery has been around for decades. It is a business owned and run by William and Lois Barker, and has spanned the length of their 35-year marriage. Dishes that they made over 30 years ago are still in their cabinets and used every day.

    They began in 1973 in Lawton, Oklahoma when Bill was in the military.  Lois would go to a local rec center and build her signature coiled vases.  Then, in 1974, they moved to Germany, where Lois showed her artwork in military craft shows in Stuttgart.  In 1977, they moved back to Oklahoma and their pieces were in a gallery in Oklahoma City, as well as The Galleria in Dallas, Texas.  In 1979, they moved to VT and continued to work and show their pieces.  Eventually, after moving a few more times, in 1986 they moved back to Connecticut and built a studio. It started with a potter’s wheel and a small kiln and evolved into what it is today.  Now, they continue to develop new designs for their artwork and dinnerware, which you have seen and will continue to see on this site, as well as in their store.

    For a more detailed history, keep checking this blog for the new series “Jean Elton Through the Decades”.  You will learn how the business started and see the pottery (and the artists!) evolve through the years.

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