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    “We were pleasantly surprised to find a firm like Jean Elton…”

    CFS Mug 1 copy

    Remember The Making of the Mugs video?  We mentioned that the order of mugs was for a corporate gift, but neglected to mention it was for a company called Coalfire.  We wanted to share this email from the CEO and co-founder of the company, Rick Dakin:

    Jean Elton is a “throw back company” that reminded me of a time when all American businesses focused on customer service and quality.  Our experience in designing, ordering and delivering unique corporate gifts for Christmas 2009 was extremely positive.

    As a small business, we thought we could only afford to go into a mass market catalogue and buy gifts for our valued customers.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a firm like Jean Elton that dedicated the time and skill to design and develop a piece of corporate art at a price we could afford.  Obviously, we are more than pleased with the quality and value of our purchase.

    We received so many thank you cards from our customers this year because we took the time to give them something that they understood was a unique piece of corporate branded art.  The Coalfire mugs look great and are functional.  We will definitely be back for Christmas 2010 gifts.

    Thank you for treating this small business with the care and dedication that allowed us to make a difference with our customers.

    Rick Dakin
    CEO and Co-founder

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