Random Post: The Many Uses for "Ring Bowls"
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    How to Set a Table

    April 26th, 2010

    Table Setting

    1. First, decide on whether you would like an elegant/formal presentation versus a casual one.  This will affect which dishes you will use and what you will accessorize with.
    2. Decide which dishes to use.  We here at Jean Elton Studio are trying to create dinnerware that can be used for casual and formal table settings.
    3. Match the dishes with a tablecloth or placemats.
    4. To dress up your Jean Elton dinnerware (or any dishes that you choose to set), add some of your fine china, crystal, and/or silver flatware.  To keep it casual, accessorize with pewter or stainless steel flatware.
    5. Remember, forks go on the left!
    6. Find matching napkins.  To make the table more interesting, add napkin rings, or fold your napkins in clever ways.
    7. Accessorize with other fun items like individual salt/pepper shakers or miniature flower arrangements at each place setting.  In the evening, add tea lights to make a warmer setting.
    8. Finish with a centerpiece to match your theme.  Remember it doesn’t have to just be flowers or a plant!  It can be a matching dish with a candle and greens around it, or a bowl of fruit.

    Find creative ways to set your tables and take pictures!  We’d love to see them.  Or if you are out of your own ideas, copy some of our’s from the gallery below.

    Making of Square Plates

    April 20th, 2010

    This movie was filmed in Jean Elton Studio and shows the whole process of making our square plates, from making the mold in the beginning, to glazing in the end. These plates in particular were made informally for an executive education class at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

    The Evolution of Painted Bowls

    April 15th, 2010

    When asked why she started hand-painting her large ceramic bowls, Lois remembers a conversation she had with a fellow ceramic artist at the Rosen Show in Philadelphia several years ago.  ”The woman had hand-painted her bowls and was selling like crazy,” Lois says.  They got to talking and Lois mentioned how much she admired her work, while lamenting her own lack of drawing skills.  But the woman encouraged Lois to begin painting.  And that’s how it began!  That’s when Lois started painting plates; she liked it so much, she eventually graduated to hand-painting all her work!

    Browse the gallery below to see the evolution of her painting prowess on her large bowls.

    The New Wall-Hangings

    April 7th, 2010

    8bWall-hangings are not a new idea to Jean Elton Studio.  In fact, we’ve been creating wall-hangings for years!  But you might be surprised at how much they’ve changed recently.

    If you are unfamiliar with our larger wall-hangings, take a look at them on our website.  The wall-hanging you see there is a four-piece, three-dimensional wall hanging measuring 22″ high and 52″ wide!

    But recently we have started creating much smaller wall-hangings like the one you see to the left, for those of you who may not have nearly 5-feet of wall to spare!  Interested in how they are made?  Keep reading! Read the rest of this entry »