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    The New Wall-Hangings

    8bWall-hangings are not a new idea to Jean Elton Studio.  In fact, we’ve been creating wall-hangings for years!  But you might be surprised at how much they’ve changed recently.

    If you are unfamiliar with our larger wall-hangings, take a look at them on our website.  The wall-hanging you see there is a four-piece, three-dimensional wall hanging measuring 22″ high and 52″ wide!

    But recently we have started creating much smaller wall-hangings like the one you see to the left, for those of you who may not have nearly 5-feet of wall to spare!  Interested in how they are made?  Keep reading!

    As with many of our hand-crafted ceramic art, the wall-hangings begin with a slab of clay.


    The slab of clay is then cut into smaller pieces and placed on plaster bats.


    Next, we hand-stamp each piece of clay with any number of phrases.
    Here are some examples.
    (We do take custom orders!)




    In order for the wall-hangings to remain flat, we have to cover them with another flat, plaster bat while they dry.  When they are completely dry, they are fired in a bisque firing.  Then comes the fun part: painting!







    Next, we sprayed them with a transparent glaze so they would be shiny and then fired them again.  Here’s the finished product, not including the one you will find as an April item on our website!




    And there you have it!  As previously mentioned, we do take custom orders, but even if you’re not ordering, we welcome ideas for words or phrases you’d like to see on a wall-hanging.  So leave them in the comments, or you can always find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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