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    What is a Slab Roller?

    In our studio, we have many machines that aid in the production of our pottery, like our pugmill and our slab roller.  The slab roller itself is very unassuming and doesn’t take up space, but we use it to create many different items!


    First, we take a log of newly extruded clay and cut it in half lengthwise.


    Next, it is smooshed (a very technical term) down with other thin pieces of clay.  We tend to use two to three whole logs of clay for a good sized slab.


    The slab of clay is very thick at first, so we roll it through several times.  Each time, we turn the knobs on either side of the roller to press the clay flatter and flatter.


    We then use the resulting slab of clay on our various molds for vases and bowls.





    Or we use it for our ornaments


    Jewelry pendants


    Or wall-hangings.


    So as you can see, our slab roller is a very important part of our studio!  Without it, we wouldn’t be able to create some of your favorite pieces.

    If you enjoyed learning about this machine, read our post on the pugmill and keep checking back for more posts about various other machines in our studio.

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