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    The “Pass-It-On” Plate

    July 23rd, 2010


    We are so excited to introduce our new series of plates called “Pass-It-On”.  These plates offer a unique, gift-giving experience.  The idea is to give a plate, perhaps with some fruit and cheese, or some brownies, for a special occasion.  Then, the receiver of the plate can pass it on to the next person to have the same type of occasion, and so forth.  The series will include the following phrases:

    • Get Well Soon
    • Congratulations
    • On Your Special Day
    • You are Special
    • Happy Birthday

    So if you like the idea of giving a plate instead of just another card and bouquet of flowers, order yours today!

    From Jar to Teapot

    July 7th, 2010

    We here at Jean Elton Studio continue to develop many new products.  One such piece is our new teapot, which is handmade from a slip mold of a jar.  A slip mold is a mold made out of plaster that is filled with a very wet clay called slip.  The plaster of the mold begins to absorb some of the water from the slip, which causes it to attach to the sides of the mold.  After a short amount of time (usually about an hour), the molds are turned upside-down to pour out the remaining slip.  They are left like that overnight and then taken apart the next day.  Watch the video for the rest of the process.

    Teapot Lamp

    July 6th, 2010

    You’ve seen the jar mold turned into a lamp and turned into a teapot, but now we have the jar as a teapot lamp!


    Interested in how it’s made?  Check back later this week for a video of the jar to teapot from start to finish!