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    All Our Various Projects

    Wow, has our little studio been busy!  Not only have we been steadily working on our project for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, we’ve been getting ahead and working on Christmas projects as well!

    First of all, here’s Lois working on the vases for the BRM.  These vases were poured into slip molds, and then taken apart once the slip (a very wet clay) has dried and taken the shape of the mold.  Then they are taken out of the mold and cleaned up, as Lois is doing here.



    Next, we have been preparing for an upcoming corporate show hosted by our friends at Al-Lynn Sales.  This includes pressing mugs, bowls, and plates, and impressing corporate names and logos into each piece.



    As you can see by the picture above, we are also preparing for a large corporate Christmas order.  As we create pieces for various orders, we try to make some for our Christmas home show as well.



    In addition to plates and bowls for our Christmas home show, we are once again making ornaments!  Remember all the ornament posts from last year?  Well, we’re doing it again!  The picture below is an example of a personalized snowman ornament.  It’s only in its beginning stages, but once it’s done, it sure will be cute!


    And finally, we are making Christmas pendants, to go along with our new line of jewelry.  There are snowmen, gingerbread men, hearts, bears, and crosses.  But that’s not all!  We’ll make sure to take more pictures as more and more of them are done.


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