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    Maternity Leave

    March 10th, 2011

    Not only do I want to take this opportunity, as the writer of this blog, to explain its lack of recent posts, but also to show other fun ways of using your Jean Elton dinnerware!

    Lois & Bill, new grandparents

    Lois & Bill, new grandparents

    Over a week ago now, I gave birth to my first child (and in the process, made the founders and managers of Jean Elton grandparents)!  And as other parents of newborns can attest, I have been kept very busy as I get used to my new schedule and responsibilities.  But don’t think that means no more posts!  We will soon be continuing to provide behind-the-scenes pictures and current events at Jean Elton on this blog as usual.

    And in that vein, let me show you how we’ve incorporated Jean Elton into our nursery!  And maybe give you a couple ideas when you are decorating your next room.

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