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    A Glowing Review

    April 29th, 2011

    We always knew our mugs were “happy” but we were thrilled to receive the following letter that confirmed that they make other people happy as well!

    YES, THE MUGS JUST ARRIVED AND I AM BUSY UNWRAPPING THEM!!!  They are sitting all over our counter and I LOVE THEM ALL!!!  Makes me want to keep them all for myself……not selfish either but definitely the red mug with the handle is MINE!!!  AND, I LOVE that platter!  IF it were not so late I would call you but it is after ten there and I never call anyone after 9:00 PM unless it is an emergency.  To be perfectly honest, I am so excited I would consider this event an emergency call to shout in your ear how happy I am with your work…but Ken took the phone from my hand!  LOVE IT LOVE IT!  What great packing, you really have all this down to a fine art!  We are impressed!!
    May I share a little secret with you?  Since we arrived home from my oldest brother’s funeral I have been so emotional and mourning in a dark pit like I have never experienced before.  It all happened so suddenly and without warning: the reality finally hit me that now I am the only survivor of our generation of seven children.  The “Alone” feeling has been devastating.
    BUT, this evening as the door bell rang and Fed EX delivered your package, I was filled with excitement as I began opening the box and seeing the platter my heart literally jumped with joy!!  As each mug was opened my whole world seemed to get brighter and I felt a new joy with each new box!  Sweet Lois, please KNOW your beautiful work has literally helped me turn the corner to a new world where I can once again truly praise the Lord with confidence and KNOW that HE is going to make me whole again!  Just knowing you, the artist and having access to this beautiful, unusual hand made tableware to share with others makes my heart dance with joy.  You truly have made my day today and most certainly the timing could not have been better!  To see the light come on lifting me out of that dark pit is truly the Lord’s doing through you!  Oh praise the Lord, I can hardly wait to show the Bible study girls, a unique mug for each lady!
    Thank you for brightening up my world but more for bringing healing to my heart!  A heart that is filled with love and gratitude for you and your God given talent!
    I truly love you,

    Mystery Letters Plate

    April 9th, 2011

    As we announced earlier, we are new grandparents and wanted to do something special for our granddaughter.  And what is it we do best?  Pottery!  We decided to create a large plate for her (it’s actually bigger than her at this point!) and paint a customized design on it.  Do you see the name hidden in the design?

    Audrey Elizabeth plate

    We are excited about this plate, because we feel like it would make a beautiful customizable gift!  The “Mystery Letters” design wouldn’t have to be only on plates.  You could order it on any of our pieces!

    Lois Signature

    BRM Hearts of Hope

    April 4th, 2011

    On March 31, we were happy to be in attendance of the Bridgeport Rescue Mission’s Hearts of Hope Women’s Benefit.  For months, we had been preparing hand-painted square plates that would be the centerpieces of each table, as well as gifts for people in attendance.  You can see some of them on Facebook; each one of the nearly 200 that we prepared for them is unique!

    At the Benefit: the square plates were the centerpieces

    At the Benefit: the square plates were the centerpieces

    The event benefits the Mission’s long-term recovery program and emergency shelter for women in Fairfield County. An opportunity to give will be presented during the program.

    For more pictures of the event, click here.