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    Jean Elton through the Decades: The 70’s cont’d

    This is an addendum to our last post, Jean Elton through the Decades: The 70’s.

    In 1978, while living in Quechee, NH, Bill attempted Raku in a garbage can in the back of the house. First he put sawdust on the bottom of the can, then placed the piece inside, added more sawdust, then lit it on fire. He put the top back on and left it for about an hour. Unfortunately, when he went to open it up, the flames shot way up to the side of the house and almost caught on fire! Because the fire is starved for oxygen in the garbage can, when the lid is eventually opened, it shoots up very high.

    Bill says, “The house in Quechee was built on a slope with the garage down below in the back and the main living area and kitchen one floor up (but on street level out front). We did the Raku just outside of the garage. Once, when we were finished Rakuing for the day, we went upstairs to the living area to host a few friends over for lunch. As I went to the kitchen to help prepare lunch, I noticed flames outside the kitechen window and rushed down to see the garbage can I thought I had shut up tight was burning madly with 15 foot flames coming out of it making them visiable at the upper stories of the house. Needless to say, I was a little more careful with Raking after that.”

    For more Jean Elton through the Decades, keep checking back in the next few days for The 80’s!

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