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    Husband Now On Board!

    What a sweet email from a customer!
    Ken and I were eating the same thing, cereal with bananas and strawberries, hot coffee in our painted mugs and blueberry muffins on one of your square plates waiting to be savored with our coffee.  Ken looked over at my placemat and said “Wow, your cereal looks so much better and prettier than mine, how come”  I ask him to take another look and he said “I AM!”  I repeated “what do you think the difference is, we are eating the same thing except mine is in black and red bowl and plate with painted cup but yours is in our old Lennox china you think is still perfectly good for us!”  After a thoughtful look between the two placemats he sheepishly replied ”OK, now I get your point, it really does make a difference when you have a nice change!  You really did make a good choice to buy from Lois with her pretty designs”!  Of course, that was music to my ears and thanked him profusely but made a mental note to tell you about it ASAP!

    Isn’t it great when your husband praises your purchases?

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