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    New Teapots


    We’ve been making teapots for a while now (remember the video From Jar to Teapot?), but they now have a new look. Lois has started to hand-throw them on the wheel, which gives her a lot more variety in shapes, sizes, and designs.

    New teapots

    First she throws the body, the spout, and the lid, all separately. Once they have a chance to dry a little, she trims them, cleans them up, and then attaches the spout and handle. ┬áNext they need to dry completely. If something isn’t completely dry when it is bisqued, there is the chance it could explode in the kiln, ruining not only all the hard work that goes into that one teapot, but also many of the pieces that are in there with it.

    The first firing goes up to a temperature of about 1800 degrees! Because we fire at such high temperatures, our pieces are very durable and not prone to chipping or breaking like so many other ceramic pieces. Stoneware is so durable because it is made with clay and then fired at very high temperatures. Like its name implies, the resulting material is like stone: hard to break and waterproof.



    After they are fired, they are hand-painted in a unique design. No two of our teapots are exactly alike, which adds to their charm. We use glaze stains, or under glazes, and then cover them with a transparent glaze. Then they are fired again, to around 2000 degrees, which allows the colors deepen and the finish to shine.




    To view our current stock of these new and unique teapots, visit our Etsy store. We add new pieces everyday, so bookmark it and check back often!

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