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    Reality TV

    July 17th, 2012

    Do you ever watch shows like Cake Boss on TLC? It’s one of our favorites, and makes me want to save up a lot of money (and calories!) and travel to Hoboken, NJ to buy cakes! Every episode, along with making beautiful cakes, there is always drama. I’m not sure if it’s manufactured, or if the family is really that dramatic, but it definitely makes for good television!

    Recently, I’ve been thinking we should make a reality show out of ¬†our work at Jean Elton Studio. I’m sure the producers could really milk the drama that we occasionally encounter! For example, we get a big order and one of our kilns breaks down, or we run out of that particular color, or everything breaks in the firing. Did you know that if the clay isn’t absolutely, completely dry for the bisque (first) firing, it explodes in the kiln!? Wouldn’t that be a great episode?

    Even if we never get discovered by TLC, I’m still thinking of driving down to Hoboken to get one of those cakes. Can’t you imagine a beautiful, handmade, hand-painted TEAPOT cake? Made to look just like one of our beautiful teapots! But unlike with our teapots, it would only be a one-time use product.

    I think I’ll stick to our pottery: pretty enough for display, but durable enough to use every day.