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    Nesting Bowls

    October 19th, 2012

    Remember our post on the Evolution of the Painted Bowls? We now have a new addition to our painted bowl family! We are so excited about these new bowls because they are just as beautiful and durable as all our previous bowls, but they are also extremely light and easy to use!

    In the past, we would use our molds to drape clay on and then to allow them dry and obtain the shape of the mold.




    We also have other molds called “slip molds” that are made out of plaster and are then filled with a very wet clay called slip. The plaster of the mold begins to absorb some of the water from the slip, which causes it to attach to the sides of the mold. After a short amount of time (usually about an hour), the molds are turned upside-down to pour out the remaining slip. They are left like that overnight and then taken apart the next day.

    Once the clay is almost dry, the molds are taken apart and the piece is cleaned up. This is the process we have used to make our disk vases, pitchers, and jars.


    Finally, we have decided to combine the two processes to make our large bowls! The result is a beautiful, large bowl that is also extremely light and easy to use!

    Nested bowls

    Nested bowls

    Nested bowls

    These three sets are now available on Etsy.