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    The Many Uses for “Ring Bowls”

    April 15th, 2015

    There is a growing obsession with these tiny bowls, especially for wedding gifts, favors, or bridesmaids’ gifts. And I can’t help but be enthralled with them myself! In fact, I’ve made several, from the teeny, tiny dish to the large bowl! (OK, not that large, if it’s still to be called a ring bowl!)


    The dishes have a few obvious uses:

    • on a nightstand before bed, to place your everyday jewelry
    • on a windowsill for your rings, for doing dishes
    • on a table right inside the front door, for spare change


    But what about the ring bowls? They don’t seem to be as popular, but I would argue they should be even more desirable than their dish counterparts, because they have many more uses! They can do anything a dish can do, plus more!


    A ring bowl can be used:

    • to hold more jewelry than just your everyday pieces (I use one to hold all my rings)
    • to hold men’s items, like collar stays and cuff links
    • to collect spare buttons
    • to hold coin, button, bead collections
    • candle or tea light holders
    • to hold hair clips, bobbi pins, hair ties
    • to hold desk items, like paper clips and extra staples
    • in the bathroom for cotton balls and Q-tips
    • and finally, because our pottery is perfect for use every day in the kitchen, you can use these small bowls for food! Cereal, grapes, goldfish, you name it!


    So why aren’t you collecting ring bowls?

    Our Retailers

    April 10th, 2015

    Two Tall Vases on Brown 1

    We’re excited to announce that you can now shop our Jean Elton gallery pieces at retailers all over the country! Click here for a map of all our current galleries. If you’re in the area, stop by and let us know you saw our pieces on display!

    Our New Etsy Store

    April 10th, 2015

    Here’s a peak at the new items available in our new and improved Etsy store. And here’s an even better treat: you get an exclusive 10% off coupon, available to our blog readers only! Just type JEBLOG at checkout. No minimum purchase.

    Check back every day for new items in our store! And remember, all our pieces are stoneware, so they are very durable and perfect for every day use. They will not chip or break easily. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.